There’s a great deal of data out there about the cost of conflict in the workplace. Inc. and Entrepreneur have run articles. MBA projects and research white papers have been written.

But what about you?

I apologize for inviting you into this rather terrifying thought experiment, but…what’s conflict costing YOU and YOUR organization? Grab a pen, or open up your calculator app, and prepare to be frightened.

Begin by recalling a recent or ongoing conflict in your organization.

How many people were involved in this conflict?

How many hours were spent (per day, per week, or longer)?

How much productivity was lost due to lost time, diminished morale, and lack of collaboration?

Did you directly lose business due to this conflict? What about indirectly, in terms of damaged reputation?

Did that conflict result in turnover? Don’t forget to add the cost of hiring and training new employees to this running total.

Were there legal costs? What about sabotage or absenteeism?

Just running quick numbers on a conflict of 2 employees, averaging $20 an hour, facing 5 hours of conflict a week for 3 weeks, resulting in 1 person leaving the organization, the total could easily approach $75,000.

What do the numbers look like for you in your organization?

Now, we’re all human, and some measure of conflict and difficulty is inevitable in any organization. To pretend otherwise is fantasy.

But, what if…?

What if you could equip your people with conflict resolution tools that begin to cut into those costs of conflict? How much could you save by investing in creating a culture of increased understanding and improved communication?

How valuable would it be to cultivate an environment that retains great employees longer and attracts new talent more easily?

Intriguing, isn’t it?

We can help.