An Origin Story

“Oh. Oh. Oh my…Oh my gosh…I forgot who I was. I forgot who I was. I forgot who I was. How did I forget who I was?!”

I was in a full-blown existential crisis.

I was high in the mountains, away at a staff retreat with the organization I was working for, and we’d been asked to complete an assessment in preparation for our time away. It was called TotalSDI, and I’d never heard of it. I answered the questions dutifully, honestly, and with as much self-awareness as possible, but frankly didn’t think much of it.

Now, here with my results staring back at me, it was absolutely uncanny. It nailed me. My mind was racing and my heart flickered with a hope that I’d not felt in quite some time.

“No wonder I’m unhappy in my work. I have to get back to working directly with people. I forgot who I was! How did I forget?! How?!”

Due to some luck, grace, and technical ability, I’d been working in communications/marketing/tech stuff for a while, for a great organization doing meaningful work, with wonderful people, for a solid wage.

But I was unhappy and not entirely sure why. And that caused me to feel a bit guilty and ungrateful for not loving such a good job.

With my TotalSDI results in front of me, I now knew why…I was spending too much time behind screens, pursuing open rates and clicks and links and likes and shares and reshares and so on, when I’m wired to work with people…challenging, encouraging, coaching, leading, and equipping people to chase their goals.

All of this was happening in my head, as we were given time by the facilitator to look over our results. His first question to us at the end of our personal time felt pointed directly at me. He asked, “After looking at your results, do any of you feel like you’re mismatched with your work?”

“Uh, well…I do!” I blurted out.

And so began the journey here to A Million Stories and my work as a facilitator with TotalSDI. I was so moved by the material, and so encouraged by that time with our facilitator, I realized that was exactly the kind of work I wanted, I needed, to be doing…gathering people towards personal discovery and greater relationship awareness in the context of their personal and professional lives.

I’m wired for this deep down to my core, and I’d love to work with you!