Gary Aronhalt : : Founder

“Work is love made visible…”

Helping people improve their professional and personal relationships is truly love made visible for me. Years of working closely with individuals and teams in a wide variety of contexts has delivered me at last to this, my life’s work.

I’d love to begin a conversation to explore the possibilities of working with you!



Denver Seminary

Master of Arts – Leadership
With Honors


Tabor College

Bachelor of Science – Christian Ministry
Summa Cum Laude


I’ve worked in technology, nonprofits, churches, retail, and service sectors. I’ve had both blue and white collars. I’ve been an entrepreneur and worked in well-established organizations. I’ve traveled internationally, but have deep midwestern roots. I’ve led and followed. I’ve worked with artists and engineers. And through it all, I’ve loved seeing people grow.

Also, I’ve been married to the lovely and generous Melanie for 25+ years now, and it just keeps getting better!


Trail and Ultramarathon Running

I love long runs in the hills and mountains, and I’ve completed numerous races, including two 100-milers.


Fly-fishing for trout in the mountains is my favorite, but I also love slinging hardware for pike and bass.


Home repair/remodeling, building stuff, working on cars…I love getting my hands dirty!


College football is my favorite, but I enjoy most everything. I’ve played a lot of softball and basketball in my days…


Whether it’s playing and singing, or enjoying it live, music has been a huge part of my life.


Home and abroad, we love to travel, including trips to Ireland, Scotland, England, Hungary, Austria, and Nepal.

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