A Lesson from Rolex

Recently, I went down a horology YouTube rabbit hole. And no, it’s not what your dirty mind is thinking…I watched a watch repairman disassemble a Rolex. It’s quite astounding, really.

Slowly, carefully and methodically, tiny piece by tiny piece, each little spring, gear, screw and cog, are removed and the depths of craftsmanship and engineering are revealed. As he worked, it occurred to me that the famous smooth, sweeping motion of the Rolex second hand is the result of a series of incredibly complex relationships. The tolerances are so close that one small misstep in production or assembly would spell disaster for the function of the watch.

There’s a lesson here, I believe, on the human scale. Any output in our work, whether we’re making watches, widgets, windows, or whiskey, is the result of a series of the most complex relationships of all…human relationships. We’re complex creatures and small missteps in relating with one another leads to all sorts of unforeseen problems.

Therefore, whatever we can do to grease the wheels of relationship amongst our people will absolutely have a positive impact on our output.

What can you do today to improve relationships in your workplace?

I’ve got some ideas if you’re looking for help!